Activate Services

The Activate service package allows us to provide our customers with basic services through the payment of a monthly fee of € 100 which will allow our clients to have an easy access to:

  • Visibility
  • Access to business information
  • Management of the Due Diligence process
  • Help to find financing
  • Market and technology evolution reports
  • Search and coordination of cooperation sources at the local, national and international level

Empower Services

The Empower service package allows us to customize and tailor our clients’ needs.

In this service, the budget is adapted to each client based on their interests and the specific service they are looking for.

The service seeks to facilitate access to a national and international commercial network for those clients who seek to grow, invest, innovate, explore new business opportunities or seek another specific type of commercial service, in a simpler, faster and more professional way.

Those customers who are already part of our network of members will be able to benefit from a bonus.

Lishkat Misjar

Lishkat Misjar, Cambra de Comerç Privada Barcelona - Israel (CACOBI), facilita les relacions comercials, impulsa el creixement empresarial i potencia el desenvolupament econòmic entre Barcelona - Israel.

Lishkat Misjar

Lishkat Misjar, Cámara de Comercio Privada Barcelona – Israel (CACOBI), facilita las relaciones comerciales, impulsa el crecimiento empresarial y potencia el desarrollo económico entre Barcelona - Israel.

Lishkat Misjar

Lishkat Misjar, Barcelona-Israel Private Chamber of Commerce (CACOBI), facilitates commercial relations, promotes business growth and promotes economic development between Barcelona-Israel.

Lishkat Misjar

(CACOBI) לשכת מסחר , לשכת המסחר הפרטית של ברצלונה-ישראל, מסייעת ליחסי מסחר, מניעה צמיחה עסקית ומגבירה את הפיתוח הכלכלי בין ברצלונה לישראל.

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