Building bridges
between Barcelona and Israel

Lishkat Misjar

Lishkat Misjar© is the Barcelona-Israel private chamber of commerce (CACOBI). Our objective is to facilitate commercial relations, promote business growth and increase promote economic development between Barcelona and Israel.

We are the benchmark and actor of excellence in commercial relations and business growth between Barcelona and Israel.

Our objective is to strengthen the business fabric and the competitiveness of our partners and clients through our market knowledge and services offered.

Our work has made us a national and international reference when it comes to create bridges between both countries and expand these bridges internationally.

Client profile

  • SMEs

  • Corporations

  • Startups

  • Investors

  • Schools

  • Universities

  • Transfer Centers Tech

  • NGOs

  • Autonomous Communities

  • Org. public business

  • Councils

  • Town councils

Lishkat Misjar

Lishkat Misjar, Cambra de Comerç Privada Barcelona - Israel (CACOBI), facilita les relacions comercials, impulsa el creixement empresarial i potencia el desenvolupament econòmic entre Barcelona - Israel.

Lishkat Misjar

Lishkat Misjar, Cámara de Comercio Privada Barcelona – Israel (CACOBI), facilita las relaciones comerciales, impulsa el crecimiento empresarial y potencia el desarrollo económico entre Barcelona - Israel.

Lishkat Misjar

Lishkat Misjar, Barcelona-Israel Private Chamber of Commerce (CACOBI), facilitates commercial relations, promotes business growth and promotes economic development between Barcelona-Israel.

Lishkat Misjar

(CACOBI) לשכת מסחר , לשכת המסחר הפרטית של ברצלונה-ישראל, מסייעת ליחסי מסחר, מניעה צמיחה עסקית ומגבירה את הפיתוח הכלכלי בין ברצלונה לישראל.

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