New Israeli technology to diagnose blood cancer


By Eden

January 11, 2022

Israeli firm Sight Diagnostics, the company that uses state-of-the-art hardware and artificial intelligence to deliver rapid and comprehensive blood count results, has signed a new research agreement with Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center to identify the possibility of blood cancer using a combination of images and data collected from the Sight OLO device and clinical patient information provided by the hospital.

Research is focused on developing the ability to detect and classify white blood cells, and more specifically, to differentiate between different types of white blood cells in the immune system called lymphocytes, a procedure that has greatly challenged the global hematology community, Sight Diagnostics explained. in a statement.

Recent publications have indicated that distinguishing between different types of lymphocytes is key to assisting in the early detection of various blood cancers. While reactive lymphocytes appear in the viral infection process, malignant lymphocytes can signify the development of hematological cancer.

Lishkat Misjar

Lishkat Misjar, Cambra de Comerç Privada Barcelona - Israel (CACOBI), facilita les relacions comercials, impulsa el creixement empresarial i potencia el desenvolupament econòmic entre Barcelona - Israel.

Lishkat Misjar

Lishkat Misjar, Cámara de Comercio Privada Barcelona – Israel (CACOBI), facilita las relaciones comerciales, impulsa el crecimiento empresarial y potencia el desarrollo económico entre Barcelona - Israel.

Lishkat Misjar

Lishkat Misjar, Barcelona-Israel Private Chamber of Commerce (CACOBI), facilitates commercial relations, promotes business growth and promotes economic development between Barcelona-Israel.

Lishkat Misjar

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